Death: Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider
Pioneering electronic musician Florian Schneider dies in Düsseldorf, after a battle with cancer. Along with Ralf Hütter, Schneider (and later, a rotating cast of collaborators) formed Kraftwerk, which created the template for electronic music sound design, groove, and mythologizing the future in the 1970-80s. Impacting the sound of everyone from Afrika Bambaataa to LCD Soundsystem, Schneider’s immense influence endures.
“Conway’s LIFE changed mine, I think Conway himself thought it rather trivial, but for a nonmathematician like me, it was a shock to the intuition, a shattering revelation—to watch glorious complexity emerging from staid simplicity.”
– Musician Brian Eno, describing the sizeable impression John Conway’s Game of Life made on him

Well Now WTF?

Operating under the rubric “connect online like it’s 1999,” this Faith Holland, Lorna Mills, and Wade Wallerstein-curated exhibition asks a big existential question of net art in the age of COVID-19: “Well Now WTF?” While it may not provide tangible answers, its 80-plus contributing artists (organizing in sardonically titled rooms including “stay home and masturbate” and “pants optional”) offer community, irreverence, and nostalgia—joyful respite during a moment of unprecedented isolation.

Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne on “Get Well Soon!”

“The comments posted on’s medical fundraisers form a revealing archive. These messages express care, well wishes, sympathy and generosity in the face of personal adversity and systemic failure. This is an archive of mutual aid in response to a ruthless for-profit health system. It is an archive that should not exist.”
– Artists Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne, on their poignant online artwork Get Well Soon! (2020)