Since launching HOLO 2.5 in November development has been fast and furious, this update marks the launch of our Reader Accounts and Encounters. The former allows folks to sign up to order The Annual and access reader-only HOLO content, the latter launches our new artist features section.
  • Front Page: Encounter section added
  • Front Page: Dossier section updated
  • Encounters: Launched
  • Stream:  Passed 350-news item mark
  • All Content: New gallery block added
Reader Accounts
  • Accounts: Launched
  • Accounts: HOLO 3 preorders imported
  • Accounts: Retrieve Account page created
  • Accounts: Save Stream items feature added
  • Notification: Coming Soon section added
  • Notification: Reader account info added
  • The Annual: Now available
  • Item: 1 XXL Primordial Soup HOLO T-Shirt left, get it while you can
User Experience
  • Menu: Simplified
  • Front Page/Stream: Pinned posts feature added
  • Front Page: Better shop items and Dossier implementation
✖︎Bug Fixes
  • Dossier: Left sidebar ‘imprint runneth over’ float issues curtailed
  • Stream: ‘All bunged up’ WYSIWYG-induced blockages cleared
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