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The total number
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Three months into our launch, it’s hard to imagine that HOLO never had its own online home; a place where we can share, collaborate, and expand on what we do in print. The numbers speak for themselves: as of today, this website includes 476 pieces of content—75 entries in our first pair of Dossiers, 380 news items on Stream, and the first Encounter, our new monthly series of archival and newly commissioned artist profiles. Meanwhile, the production of our next print edition—the HOLO Annual (aka HOLO 3)—is well underway. Head over the production diary for updates; we’ll share a slate of exciting announcements there soon.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Reader Accounts. As a Reader, you’ll get a lot more out of HOLO—from access to exclusive online content to a boxed edition of The Annual hot off the press:

  • The Annual: receive a boxed edition of the Annual (due this summer), free shipping worldwide
  • Encounters: access our monthly series of in-depth artist profiles (new and from our archives)
  • Updates: access Reader-only production notes and work-in-progress documentation from our (extended) team
  • Stream: access daily log of cultural commentary, emerging tech, and multidisciplinary art and design
  • Archive: access articles and features from past print editions, reimagined in a new online format (coming soon)
  • Special Offers: enjoy discounts for products available in the HOLO Shop and through our collaborators and partners
  • Karma: support independent publishing, help us pay great contributors equitably, and ensure we remain ad-free

Thank you for your continued support!

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