Wisdom: Vera Molnar on Enemies and Computer Art Cover-Ups
“[In the early days] people said I was ruining art, by taking such an artificial approach to something that was so fundamentally human. It felt like I only had enemies. It makes for a good story, though. I very rarely exhibited, very very rarely. But when I did, then these computer drawings, you know the ones that have holes along the sides because they had to roll through the [drum] plotter? At the top you can see the day, the hour, the minute the calculation was made. And I was told to cover this up, to put a passe-partout over it so that all you could see was the drawing. And I had to sign it, by hand. But now, that [timestamp] is all the collectors care about. Anyone could forge my signature but that, no one can forge that. They only want drawings where the computer is visible. The paper with the holes in it? They don’t use a passe-partout anymore. They frame it with the holes showing!”

Vera Molnar to Zsofi Valyi-Nagy (translated from Hungarian), Paris Oct 31, 2019

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