Leaning in to notions of immateriality and the technological sublime, “Digital Art Waves” opens in Paris. Featuring artists including Kika Nicolela, Manfred Mohr, Quayola, and Nicolas Sassoon, whose contributions range from prints on paper and metal to video and NFTs. Sabrina Ratté, for example, reconstitutes her reflection-heavy 2016 CGI video piece Wintergarden, which “straddles the line between abstract architecture and an enclosed garden,” as an NFT (image).

“Stranger Dreams” opens at Mains d’Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, Paris, where curator Klio Krajewska presents 13 media artists including Memo Akten, Caroline Delieutraz, and Sabrina Ratté, who explore how nascent technologies feed the subconsciousness, magical thinking, and mysticism “while we slowly slide into dystopia.” Works include Dasha Ilina’s Do Humans Dream of Online Connection? (image), a smartphone embroidery on a pillowcase created especially for this exhibition during a 3-month residency.

Encounters Readers

Creating (dis)order with computers for five decades, the Hungarian pioneer zigzagged a path from mid-century painterly abstraction to a new generative art.

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