HOLO emerged through the collaboration of Alexander ScholzSherry KennedyGreg J. Smith, and Filip Visnjic, which began in 2010. Bound by a mutual interest in interactive installation, audiovisual performance, and software art that happened outside contemporary art and commercial design silos, they drew on their experience in three publications: the German-based underground digital culture magazine SCEEN (200x-200x), the Canadian digital arts journal Vague Terrain (2005-11), and Creative Applications Network (aka CAN 2010-). The team consolidated around a magazine concept—a rich, timeless, and accessible print counterpoint to CAN’s technical, voluminous, and insider-focused framing of creative coding and interactive installation.

Funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, HOLO’s inaugural issue was published in 2014 and HOLO 2 followed in 2016. The magazine cultivated an international audience, with readers in more than 60 countries and stockists in three continents (including MoMA PS1, the V&A, and ZKM). Since 2013 HOLO has curated festivals and contributed programming for cultural producers including MUTEK (CA), NODE (DE), ACT (KR), and Resonate (SR). With the launch of a new digital platform in fall 2020 and a third edition of its magazine due for 2021, HOLO has redoubled its efforts to cultivate and champion the fertile interstices between art, science, and technology


Alexander Scholz is a Berlin-based writer, art director, cultural producer, and publicist. As a co-founder and creative director of HOLO, he develops editorial and event formats exploring interdisciplinary practice, artistic research, and cultural transformation in the digital age. Over the past few years, he curated exhibitions, conferences, and educational programs for organisations and festivals including A.C.C. (Gwangju, KR), Mapping (Geneva, CH), MUTEK (Montréal, CA), and The Sooner Now (Berlin,DE).


Greg J. Smith is a Canadian writer and cultural worker based in Hamilton, Ontario. He is an editor for HOLO and a contributor to Musicworks, and his writing has appeared in publications including Creative Applications Network, Rhizome, and Back Office. Greg is a PhD candidate within the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University, has presented work internationally at institutions and festivals, and presently serves as co-chair of InterAccess’s Board of Directors, and teaches at Ryerson University and the University of Waterloo.


Filip Visnjic is an architect, technologist, curator and an educator, born in Belgrade, now living in London. He directs projects and contributes to blogs and magazines at the intersections of art, design and technology. He is the founder of CreativeApplications.Net, editorial director of HOLO Magazine, platform director at FRAMED* and lectures at a number of universities in the UK.


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