N O R M A L S: 0 0 1 – 0 0 3

The first three instalments of N O R M A L S’ eponymous graphic novel series delineates a dark and unsettling world of hyper-mediated futures

Published: 2014 Details: 3 x 80 pages box set, 19 x 23 x 4 cm, limited edition of 500

Contents: superhero-free graphic novel, essays and design prototypes, short fictions, one reality diminisher, a song

$65 USD

“In our first book we put an emphasis on how digital overlays—through augmented reality and its neighbouring technologies—would break form and function apart in all manufactured things. Following the example of email, we posit that most visual information, and generally semiotic elements, ranging from product labels to one’s lucky pants, will eventually be digitized, and remain as such once we successfully stick a smartphone in every eye.” —N O R M A L S

Learn more about the outlook, influences, process, and world building that yielded this graphic novel in “Delineating the Future—an interview with N O R M A L S”

Context: Your friend Pr1nt/3ll3n can’t stop 3d-printing copies of herself. Invitations to ever weirder events keep flying at your face, and your eyes feel funny ever since you’ve managed to stick a smartphone in them. All for only 239 495 004 likes. Smile, you’re in a normal future.


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The first three instalments of ‘anticipatory’ designers N O R M A L S eponymous graphic novel series delineate a dark and unsettling world of hyper-mediated futures.
$40 USD