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Print Edition

Included Print Edition: 2022/HOLO4
Release Date: early 2023
Dossier: TBA

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Print Edition
  • Annual printed 100+ page publication exploring emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology; each issue features deep thematic research and analysis across mediums and formats (essays, surveys, commentary, illustrations, photography, editorial experiments), drawing from a roster of journalists, cultural critics, artists and designers, and specialists from the humanities and sciences
  • Bonus material like zines, kits, posters, and limited edition artworks
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world
Online Edition
  • Encounters: longform interviews and profiles of key artists, designers, researchers, curators, and cultural producers
  • Production Notes: research snippets, B-roll material, and exclusive previews of the print edition and upcoming online features in the making
  • Stream: an aggregation of cultural commentary, scientific research, emerging technologies, and multidisciplinary art and design—curated by team HOLO.
  • Dossiers: a window into key exhibitions, festivals, and residencies through research and conversation—produced in collaboration with guest writers and artists
  • Guest Features: essays, features, and historical research by invited contributors (coming soon)
  • Archive: selected articles and features from past print editions reimagined in a new online format
  • Special Offers: discounts for products available in the HOLO shop and through our collaborators and partners

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Become a HOLO Reader: order the annual print edition and get full access to everything we publish online for a year
$20 / $35 / $250
A BESTIARY OF THE ANTHROPOCENE is an illustrated compilation of hybrid creatures of our time, equally inspired by medieval bestiaries and observations of our damaged planet.
236 pages on artist-in-residence programs at scientific institutes, VR’s latent potential, and a deep dive into the extremely weird history of random number generation
The first three instalments of ‘anticipatory’ designers N O R M A L S eponymous graphic novel series delineates a dark and unsettling world of hyper-mediated futures.
226 pages on an original digital art gallerist, the fascinating history of a powerful visual programming langauge, and an extended inquiry into how augmented vision is warping ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’