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“The role of the digital exhibition is not to imitate its physical counterpart. Digital art and its exhibitions exist to examine the affordances of their endemic space.”
Ender Gallery curators Sarah Friend, Cat Bluemke, and Jonathan Carroll, reflecting on experimenting with digitally native exhibition spaces. Throughout 2021, Ender Gallery hosted four artist residents, Cat Haines, Simon M. Benedict, Huidi Xiang, and Travess Smalley, to make art on a dedicated Minecraft server.

“New Art City Festival 2022” opens online, on the eponymous virtual exhibition platform. Leaning into its “Architectures of Abundance” subtitle, it bundles digital sculpture, audiovisual experiments, and code poetry from artists including Anna Nazo, Celine Lassus, Grimm, Henrique Fagundes—100 artists across 31 exhibitions. Of note: “Diffracted Sensibilities Artificial Gaze” (hatched within a Royal College of Art course), and the first issue of H1YBRID ART JOURNAL.

Drawing from the IDPW online community they’ve marshalled over the years, extremely online artist duo exonemo launches “Art Homepage Fair.” The online exhibition resurrects the bygone webring format, and offers an interface for navigating 100 bespoke websites. Including sites by forevermidi.com, Garry Ing, Lee Tusman, and dozens more, the show is organized around the rallying cry “to express yourself on the internet is not about being constrained by terms and conditions … while growing enslaved to numbers of likes.“

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