Guardian Tech Reporter Advises We Hold Space to Feel a Sense of Wonder (Once in a While)

For The Guardian’s Techscape newsletter, Chris Stokel-Walker asks “whither the bold claims of the charismatic tech CEO?” in the aftermath of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes being found guilty of fraud. Similar to deposed WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, there was not much ‘there’ there with Theranos, who falsified lab results to prop up their medical diagnostic prototype to dupe investors. “Tech companies overpromise and underdeliver. They’ve spent decades doing it,” notes Stokel-Walker. However, while we’ve become jaded by the many Steve Jobs wannabes of recent years, he urges we avoid “slipping too far in the opposite direction” into cynicism, gesturing to “techno-utopian companies like BioNTech inventing new techniques to manufacture vaccines” as evidence we can (and should) still feel wonder.


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