Alexander Scholz

Bio: Alexander Scholz is a Berlin-based writer, artistic director, cultural worker, and publicist. As the founder and creative director of HOLO, an editorial and curatorial platform interested in emergent creative practice, he helps produce and disseminate knowledge on disciplinary interstices, artistic research, and cultural transformations in the digital age. Over the past few years, he curated exhibitions, conferences, and educational programmes for organizations and festivals including A.C.C. (Gwangju, KR), Mapping (Geneva, CH), MUTEK (Montréal, CA), and NODE Forum for Digital Arts (Frankfurt, DE).


Articles: 890

Articles by Alexander Scholz:
07/08/2022: Kyriaki Goni Weaves Counter-Narratives to Colonial Cosmologies and Space Expansionism
01/08/2022: Data Centers Ill-Prepared for Climate Crisis, Expert Says
29/07/2022: Raquel Meyers’ “Techno-Rubble” an Anthropocene Souvenir for the Future
24/07/2022: Robot Breaks Child’s Finger During Chess Tournament
24/07/2022: Bike-Friendly Exhibition Invites Cyclists to Reflect on Society and the Self
23/07/2022: Former Fossil Fuel Lobbyist Reflects on Media’s Appetite for Climate Sceptics
22/07/2022: DALL-E Credit System a Scam, Says CGI Artist David OReilly
21/07/2022: Liat Grayver, Nora Al-Badri, and Daniel Berio Automate Arabic Artisanal Practices
21/07/2022: Deji Art Museum in Nanjing, China, Inaugurated with Media Art Evoking “Possible Worlds” in Times of Crisis
20/07/2022: American Artist on the Blackness of “Watchmen” Super-Being Dr. Manhattan
19/07/2022: 1950–1960
16/07/2022: Jonas Lund Self-Replicates with DALL-E
16/07/2022: Sara Ludy Sends Viewers on VR Float Through “Swimmer’s Canyon”
14/07/2022: Art historian and Curator Tina Rivers Ryan Lauds Pioneer Vera Molnar for “Challenging the Modernist Cult of Rationality with its Own Tools”
14/07/2022: Tina Rivers Ryan
11/07/2022: First James Webb Space Telescope Image Captures Glimpses of the Early Universe
10/07/2022: Clash of Berlin- and LA-Based Net Artists Evokes Utopias from Media’s Past and Present
09/07/2022: Martin Bricelj Baraga’s Geneva Monolith Measures the Blueness of the Sky
09/07/2022: Web3 Enthusiast Goes on Vacation, Realizes Crypto’s Irrelevance in the Real World
09/07/2022: Hiromasa Fukaji and Junichiro Horikawa Express Nature’s Complexity Through Code and Drawing
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