Greg J. Smith

Bio: A Canadian writer and cultural worker based in Hamilton, Ontario, Greg is an editor for HOLO, and his writing has appeared in publications including Creative Applications Network, Musicworks, and Back Office. He is also a PhD candidate within the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University, where he is researching the emergence of the programmable drum machine in the early 1980s.


Articles: 784

Articles by Greg J. Smith:
07/12/2022: Shana Nys Dambrot Describes Vintage Nancy Holt Installation as “A Dreamy Edisonian Wonderland”
06/12/2022: Out Now: Inaugural Metalabel Drop Is Hybrid Zine Exploring Life “After the Creator Economy”
04/12/2022: Karsten Schmidt Offers Generative Art Pro-tip: “Abstain from Romanticized Post-rationalizations”
02/12/2022: Critic Sowon Kwon Shares Rubric for Scrutinizing Video Installations
02/12/2022: “Chronos/Synthesis” Sees Oliver Pauk Exploring Tensions between Digital Form and Material Affordances
01/12/2022: Tech Historian Benji Edwards’ 1992 BBS Handle Was Red Wolf (Because He Liked Wolves)
30/11/2022: Sixth Edition of BIAN Puts Car Crash and Robot Burlesque Centre Stage in Montreal
25/11/2022: Researcher Aaron Shaprio Describes Platform Capitalism Worker Exploitation in a Nutshell
25/11/2022: “ON AIR” Excavates Pre-History of Contemporary Sound Art
25/11/2022: Sculptor Tom Sachs Argues Barbie, the Titanic, and the Technics 1200 Turntable Are ‘Spaceships’
24/11/2022: “LOST & FOUND” Presents Limited Edition Prints from Toronto’s Burgeoning Early 1980s Telidon Art Scene
23/11/2022: Out Now: Sofian Audry Positions “Art in the Age of Machine Learning”
21/11/2022: Curator Tina Rivers Ryan Positions Museums Venturing into the NFT Space on a 150-Year Timeline
19/11/2022: Refik Anadol’s “Unsupervised” Showcases AI Art at MoMA
18/11/2022: New Models’ Caroline Busta & Lil Internet Schematize the Dilution of Art Criticism
17/11/2022: “Slaughter-Free” Lab-Grown Chicken Cleared for Consumption by American Food and Drug Administration
17/11/2022: Incoming FTX CEO John Ray: “Never in My Career Have I Seen Such a Complete Failure of Corporate Controls”
17/11/2022: Matt Nish-Lapidus’ Meticulous Assemblies Ask “DO COMPUTERS WORRY YOU”
15/11/2022: MUTEK Immersive Collection Blurs Lines between Music Video and XR Exploration
15/11/2022: Life Sciences Researcher Kim Johnsons Says Duckweed May Be Ideal Plant for Feeding Astronauts
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