Greg J. Smith

Bio: A Canadian writer and cultural worker based in Hamilton, Ontario, Greg is an editor for HOLO, and his writing has appeared in publications including Creative Applications Network, Musicworks, and Back Office. He is also a PhD candidate within the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University, where he is researching the emergence of the programmable drum machine in the early 1980s.


Articles: 595

Articles by Greg J. Smith:
01/07/2022: Mindy Seu Forges Deep Links Between Cyberfeminism, Net Art, and Web3
01/07/2022: Mindy Seu Forges Deep Links Between Cyberfeminism, Net Art, and Web3
28/06/2022: Out Now: In “Northern Sparks,” Michael Century Reveals How Expo 67 and New Cultural Policies Kicked off a Golden Age in Canadian Art and Technology
25/06/2022: MOSTYN Invites 17 Artists to Share Their “Temporary Atlas” and Map Personal Experience and Perspectives
24/06/2022: Kimberlé Crenshaw on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade: “The Worst-Case Scenarios Are Coming Home to Roost”
24/06/2022: Surveillance Capitalism and Climate Calamity Converge in AI Wildfire Detection Pilot Project
24/06/2022: Crypto Skeptic David Gerard Describes Web3 as “William Gibson with a Concussion”
24/06/2022: iMAL Invites Three Artists to Share “Chronicles from a near Future” and Speculate the Shape of Biodiversity to Come
24/06/2022: Chris Salter Argues “The Smart City Is a Perpetually Unrealized Utopia”
23/06/2022: Fred Moten Sounds off on American Artist and Black Conceptual Art in the Face of Anti-Blackness
22/06/2022: Tom Sachs’ “SPACE PROGRAM: Indoctrination” Playfully Reconstitutes America’s Aerospace Legacy (in Seoul)
22/06/2022: Colossal Marble Hercules Head Recovered from Antikythera Shipwreck Site Not Just a Win for Art History
22/06/2022: LaTurbo Avedon Reminds Us to “Pardon Our Dust” While Deconstructing Web3’s Promise of Decentralization
21/06/2022: Out Now: David M. Peña-Guzmán Ponders the Philosophical and Ethical Repercussions of “When Animals Dream”
19/06/2022: Olia Lialina Tells Us How She Really Feels about Marina Abramović’s Gushing Praise for the NFT Community
18/06/2022: “Biotopia” Invites 30 Artists to “Question the Central Position of Humans in the World” at le pavillion
17/06/2022: “Absolute Beginners,” a Factory Where West London Youth Are Trained to Make Goods That Used to Be Produced Locally
17/06/2022: McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology Working Group Asks “What Would Ursula Franklin Say?”
15/06/2022: Elena Mazzi Documents a Decade of “Smellscapes, Labs, and Conversations”
15/06/2022: Physicists Create ‘Odd Wheel’ That Uses Emergence to Roll Onwards and Upwards
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