226 pages on an original digital art gallerist, the fascinating history of a powerful visual programming langauge, and an extended inquiry into how augmented vision is warping ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’

Published: 2014
Details: 226 pages, 22 x 29 cm, perfect bound + 20 page DAM GALLERY retrospective booklet

$35 USD

Artist Profiles

Philip BeesleyCA

Bridging the gap between machine and fauna for decades, Beesley’s lush interactive environments call our relationship with nature into question.

Raquel MeyersES

PETSCI glphys, ASCII divination, Commodore 64 as altar—Meyers embraces obsolete technology’s limitations when conjuring her arcane animations.

Chris O’SheaUK

From giant hands projected in public space to tots swiping tablets, O’Shea creates playful interactions that educate and delight.

Jer ThorpCA

From evocative visualization to algorithmic memorials, Thorp brings ethics and empathy to his data-focused practice.

Eno HenzeDE

Exploring perennial questions through generative laser drawings, Henze renders both unruly chaos and emergent order.

David OReillyUS

From his existientialy fraught shorts to Adventure Time, OReilly combines animation’s first principles with new modes and methods.


Eruptions, storm patterns, and crystal growth are worlds unto themselves for Semiconductor, who not only draw on, but mobilize scientific research.


Listen carefully, as enigmatic Zimoun transforms arrays of everyday objects into sublime sonic sculpture.

New Perspectives: a survey of emerging representational and perceptual paradigms

“How are emerging technologies changing the way we see the world? As optimists, we’d point to imaginative artist practices and perceptual hacks. As pessimists, we’d call attention to overarching (often invisible) systems of control. As realists we’ve tried to split the difference.”

We link CCTV and lifelogging, reveal the operational logic of debug views, anticipate introverted media futures, and reflect on five decades of R&D, as part of a broader inquiry into contemporary notions of ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen.’

Introduced by Golan Levin, with contributions from: Greg Borenstein, James Bridle, Tara Donovan, Janet Echelman, Nathalie Miebach, N O R M A L S, Paul Prudence, Dylan Schenker, Mitchell Whitelaw, and others.

Sites and Scenes


Come behind the scenes with computer art aficionado Wolf Lieser, veteran of the art fair circuit, proprietor of Berlin’s DAM Gallery, and one of the first digital art gallerists.

Tools in the Making


Emerging from an impressive body of R&D and client work—from NASA to Plastikman—we chronicle the powerful visual programming language TouchDesigner’s roots, growth, and evolution.


Greg Borenstein
James Bridle
Golan Levin
Tim Maly
Paul Prudence
Dylan Schenker
Alexander Scholz
Greg J. Smith
Hendrik Stöteler
Kristin Trethewey
Daniel West
Mitchell Whitelaw
Will Wiles

Erika Jacobs
Benne Ochs
Rick Morris Pushinsky
Matthias H. Risse
Rolf Siegenthaler
Ken Tisuthiwongse

James Bridle
Ted Davis
Axel Pfaender
Ludwig Zeller

Guest Designer:

Art Direction & Design:


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226 pages on an original digital art gallerist, the fascinating history of a powerful visual programming langauge, and an extended inquiry into how augmented vision is warping ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’
$40 USD